Board of Trustees


Mayor Paula Medina

Mayor  Medina was born and raised in the town of La Jara. She gratuated high school and moved to Denver. She and her husband traveled the United States and eventually made the decision to move back to La Jara in hopes to raise their children in a small town environment like she was. She currently works as a programs manager/mediator for a local non-profit, the Center for Restoriative Programs. Her father and mother were always very active members of the community and always gave of thier time.  When she moved back to La Jara she felt it was a very natural thing for her to start getting involved with the community. She volunteered for several programs that eventually branched out into her becomming a board member for other non-profits. Her husband had seved as a  Trustee for La Jara and that is how she got interested in becomming a member herself. Medina served as Mayor Pro Tem with the Town of La Jara. She appreciates the support of the citizens of La Jara, and hopes to serve them well and with good intentions as the first newly elected mayor.


Pro Tem Austin Valdez

​Trustee Valdez has been a resident of La Jara for 54 years. He attednded La Jara Elementary, then Centauri Jr. High, and Graduated at Centauri High Scool. He worked in the North Conejos shools as a school bus technician. He then became a transportation director and retired after 34 years with the school district. He became a Trustee to help the community, and see what he could do to help better the Town of La Jara.


Trustee Dee Ann Espinoza

Trustee Espinoza has been a resident of La Jara since 2008.  She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stanford University and a Master of Arts degree from Arizona State University.  Trustee Espinoza is a local business owner.  Her company, Espinoza Consulting Services, utilizes her skills as an archaeologist.  Trustee Espinoza is interested in community and economic development.  She served on the Conejos County Chamber of Commerce Board.  She felt that her skills could be most effectively utilized in La Jara's town government.  As a local business owner, Trustee Espinoza feels that serving in government is one way she can give back to the community.  She believes it is her civic responsibility to do so.  


Trustee Maryann Gallegos

Trustee Gallegos has been a resident of the Town of La Jara for 40 Years.  She completed her education at Manassa Elementary, Centauri Middle School, and graduated Centauri High School.  Trustee Gallegos owns her own insurance agency, and she is also a co-owner, with her husband, of Louis' Auto Sales in La Jara.  She is interested in the town's growth.  She wants to learn and understand how the town board can make the town run better.  She hopes to get more involvement by citizens.  She feels that there are a lot of changes that citizens need to be made aware of.

Trustee Annette Chavez

Trustee Rocky Villagomez

Trustee Margie Wagoner