Executive Offices

La Jara Town Hall is located at 221 Broadway in the historic train depot.

P.O. Box 273 La Jara, CO 81140

Town Manager: Larry Zaragoza (719) 274-0553

Town Clerk: Shawn Pagnotta (719) 274-5363

Town Deputy Clerk: Kerrissa Romero (719) 274-5363

Town Attorney: Eugene Farish & Seth Walker

(719) 274-5986 fax

La Jara Town Manager, Larry Zaragoza,  performs highly responsible administrative and managerial work in serving as the chief administrative officer of the Town.  The Town Manager is responsible to the Board of Trustees for the efficient administration of the Town’s affairs.  The Town Manager serves at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees. The Town Manager works with  the Town Clerk, to prepare, administer and monitor the annual budget and capital improvement plans as required and necessary.  The Town Manager also advises the Board as to the financial condition of the Town and ensures the preparation of monthly financial status reports, etc.  Other duties of the Town Manger include:

  Will insure that state, federal, private foundation, etc. grant applications are prepared to take advantage of all sources of additional revenue to the Town of La Jara.

  Establishing, subject to Board approval, appropriate personnel safety and risk management rules and regulations for governing officers and employees of the Town.

  With the Town Clerk, establishes, improves and updates records management and financial accounting systems.

  Developing and updating comprehensive plans and land use regulations (e.g. zoning subdivision) as required and necessary.

  Reviewing and analyzing the delivery of local services to achieve a greater cost-effectiveness in municipal operations.

  Developing proposals to achieve intergovernmental cooperation between town and other units of local government to realize cost savings in such areas as joint purchasing, law enforcement, street repairs and maintenance, animal control and the like as directed by   the Town Board.

   Working with department heads and employees to solve internal organizational problems both within departments and across departmental lines.

   Attending Town Board and Planning Commission meetings.

   Meeting with individuals, groups, community or regional organizations and business or industrial concerns to represent the Town and discuss Town policies.

   Attending conferences and seminars to keep abreast of current trends in the field of municipal management.. Will be in charge of all Human Resources Management including all firing and firings. 

   With the Town Clerk,  prepares agendas for Town board meetings, administrative studies, strategic or long-range plans as required  and necessary.

  Performs other such duties as may be prescribed by ordinance or by directive of the Town Board

 Required Knowledge Education, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of departments and functions of local municipal government. 
  • Knowledge of administrative practices and procedures.
  • Ability to train, supervise, coordinate and motivate employees.
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with citizens, elected officials, department heads, employees and other agencies or departments.
  • Knowledge of planning and community development techniques and practices. 
  • Knowledge of Human Resources Management.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Finance, or Public Administration; Masters preferred. Plus three (3) years managerial experience in either public or private sector. 

Town Clerk Shawn Pagnotta and Deputy Town Clerk Kerrissa Romero perform a combination of clerical tasks including:

 All duties specified in Colorado Revised Statutes for the clerk of a statutory town;

All duties specified in Colorado Revised Statutes for the treasurer of a statutory town, including but not limited to maintenance of town accounting records in a manner consistent with specifications of the State Auditor and GASB Standards, preparation of bills, statements, and receipts for all town financial transactions; and maintenance of town investments;

  1. Maintenance of town records and files, including observance of specifications of State Archivist; 
  2. Preparation and distribution of all town mail;
  3. Preparation and distribution of payroll, including maintenance of personnel files;
  4. Preparation of reports to meet specific deadlines
  5. Prepare Water/Sewer bills and keep up with those accounts
  6. Assist with Census takers and comply with their requests
  7. Meeting with the public, including taking of water/sewer bill payments;
  8. Other related duties as assigned;
  9. Information of building permits.
  10. Information of business licenses
  11. Attend any and all classes to improve performance skills.